Brazil offers an unprecedented opportunity for brands to engage their audiences through inspiration, meaning and purpose. And in Sao Paulo, we integrate unique skills – public engagement, media relations, digital, activation, content, design and research – to help our clients capture the historic momentum taking place throughout the country.

Ultimately, building and protecting our client’s corporate reputation is at the center of what we do. Our work spans from building a global employee engagement strategies for companies like Vale, the largest Brazilian mining corporation, to leading national crisis communication efforts for a number of clients with global impact.

A particular area of expertise is what we call “Brand Attitude,” which uses our proprietary methodology to develop strategies that define multiple ways to engage with the newly empowered consumers in Brazil. Toward that end, we have successfully positioned Petrobras as the major supporter of athletic, cultural and entertainment initiatives and helped position brands like Quaker and Coqueiro (PepsiCo) as experts in healthy food and nutrition, leading the category in the market.

We have long-standing expertise in developing sustainability strategies, building reputational campaigns that help our clients connect with stakeholders in meaningful ways. Our corporate social responsibility programs go beyond corporate citizenship. We ideate initiatives that can effectively create mutual benefits and real value to the public sector, NGOs, consumers and businesses. Campaigns developed for Kimberly-Clark have not only helped bring disposable diapers to more people, but also deliver health education through outreach efforts to lower-income mothers in Brazil.

Our work extends to the community as well. In fact, Edelman Sao Paulo pioneered a program for selecting pro-bono clients whereby we polled the public to determine areas of greatest need. As a result, we began working with an organization dedicated to eradicating hunger and poverty in Brazil.